The Power of Inspiration

What is Inspiration? 

The word inspiration is derived from the Latin inspirare which means “to breathe into.” The word also shares a connection with spirit, which comes from the Latin word for “breath,” spiritus, (which is also from spirare). When you are inspired, you are breathing life (i.e., passion, or motivation or desire) into an idea. When you feel inspired, you might find yourself awakened to new possibilities and find ordinary experiences transcend into the extraordinary. You will become more engaged, confident and motivated to solve problems and find creative solutions. Inspiration can have a major effect on life and business outcomes, so it is important that you understand how to activate, capture and control feelings of inspiration as they come up in your life.

Inspiration Through Exercise

Exercise is an easy way to create feelings of inspiration within yourself. It’s not just about getting fit or looking good — exercise can also give you courage, pleasure and better friendships. As you exercise, you are increasing the production of endorphins, serotonin and norepinephrine, which produce feelings of happiness. These positive feelings carry you throughout the day and contribute to an overall uplift in every area of your life.

As a dance instructor and wellness coach for seniors, I find inspiring others through the joy of exercise both satisfying and rewarding. I love to encourage my students during our workouts to tap into their inner confidence, boost their beliefs about themselves, and feel good, all while getting in shape and having fun! I always say, “It’s not always what you teach, but how you teach.” It is my job to motivate, encourage and educate my students about how much better they will feel as they become active. I love seeing my students try their best and I appreciate their efforts to improve their health so they can live joy-filled lives every day.

Two Types of Inspiration

There are two types of inspiration: passive and active. Passive inspiration is what you might feel while you watch television, read an article or listen to an interview. Active inspiration is the act of creation, generating new ideas, and enjoying feelings of long-term passion and enthusiasm.

Passive inspiration can give you ideas but active inspiration gives you momentum. Taking action will inspire you more than anything. You probably know that exercising and moving on a regular basis is good for you, but until you actually take action (by going for a walk, taking a dance class or swimming laps), you aren’t actually acting on that idea. When you only think about the things that inspire you, you are experiencing passive inspiration. In comparison, active inspiration motivates you to make changes and do something different.

Ways to Become Inspired

  1. Be active and physical. This might mean participating in a dance or exercise class that forces you to learn new steps and routines. Challenge yourself, be creative, get in shape, be fit and have fun.
  • Strike up a conversation. Being social and open-minded is important. Sharing your life experiences and listening to others tell their stories or ideas is definitely inspiring. New ideas can also be influenced by your social environment.
  • Watch a movie, read a book, listen to music. All of these activities can inspire you and will bring out your creativity, imagination, thoughts and ideas.

Your actions have the power to inspire you. The best inspiration comes from the application of ideas, not the consumption of them. Love life to the fullest and focus on the positive – that’s what the power of inspiration can do for all of us!

This article originally appeared in the Coastal Breeze.

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