Age is just a number –
the body was made to move!

Do you want to be inspired, motivated and healthy? 
It’s never too late to start your dance, fitness and health workouts!

Age is just a number –
the body was made to move!

Do you want to be inspired, motivated and healthy? 
It’s never too late to start your dance, fitness and health workouts!


Sound Body, Sound Mind

Whether you’re 55 or 105,
I have a workout for you!

If you want to be healthy, fit and have fun, then For the Young at Heart is the program for you! I have a variety of exciting and active online dance and fitness classes to choose from. The dance and fitness classes that I have designed are tailored and suited for each and every student’s needs. Get ready to burn calories, firm and tone your muscles, improve your balance and flexibility and increase your energy and alertness! My classes are fun and motivational and you’ll enjoy a full body workout from head to toes. For the Young at Heart will inspire you to look and feel your best while having fun!

A lot of people ask what’s the best exercise to start with and I always say the one you enjoy most!

Variety is the Spice of Life


Seated Chair Dance and Fitness

In my seated chair class you will exercise your whole body from head to toe. We will start with an active warmup with our upper body( small muscle groups) and then lower body( large muscle groups) Then we will dance and exercise to lively music working our whole body together. Balanced fitness will be taught. Aerobic, stretching and strengthening exercises. We will use free weights and balls to strengthen our muscles. Great class to get in shape, firm, tone, burn calories and just have fun. This class is also suited for those with limited ability and recovering from an injury.


If you want to improve your flexibility, posture, be more agile, prevent stiff muscles and joints and move with ease than this is the class for you. We will do standing, sitting and lying down stretches. Also use the stretch bands and the Ballet Barre. I call it the three L’s longer, looser and limber. From head to toe you will be ready to go. Feeling so limber and relaxed.

Body Sculpturing and Strength Training

This complete workout will help firm, tone, define, burn calories, shape and strengthen your body. We will do calisthenic exercise to warmup our muscles then work with free weights, bands, and do exercises using our own body weight. You can always keep your strength and get stronger at any age! Strong mind! Strong body!

Jazz Dance and Latin Dance Workout

If you love to dance, shake it  and have fun this is the perfect class for you. It’s partner free and you will learn  the basic dance steps and moves of Jazz and Latin dance. Learn to dance the Chachacha, Rumba, Samba, Jive and more! Active warmup and cooldown will be included. Super fun dance class to do with your friends.

Jazz Dance “Dancing through the Decades”

This dance class is so active and fun! It will take you down memory lane reliving the era and dance styles of every decade. We will do an active warmup, learn basic Jazz dance steps and combinations to lively and exciting music! Learn the Charleston, Swing, Twist, Disco dances, Macarena and more. A perfect dance class to improve your coordination, rhythm, energy, balance, memory and more!