Leslie Sokol’s

Adult Dance and Fitness classes for the Young at Heart 


Do you want to be inspired, motivated and healthy? 
It’s never too late to start your dance, fitness and health workouts!
We bring our classes to you and your Retirement Community or Community Center.

Special classes for Seniors and Adults of all ages! Our program is tailored to the needs and ability of the students.

Choose from a variety of fun, active and exciting classes!

Jazz and Latin Dance Fun Fitness Class

This active and energized dance class is the perfect combination class where “Variety is the spice of life!” Learn basic Jazz moves, steps and routines to upbeat music. Latin dances and steps will inspire you to move and groove to the rhythm and beat of the ChaCha, Salsa, Jive, Samba and more. Get a great workout while having fun with others!

Stretchercise Class

In this popular fitness class you will do basic stretches, warmup exercise, calisthenics and strengthening moves. A well balanced class teaching all three of the components of fitness, aerobics, strengthening and stretching. The benefits are unlimited, you will increase your strength, flexibility, balance and energy. Come enjoy this class with your friends!

Beginner Ballet Class

This wonderful, graceful and calming dance class will relax you while you learn basic Ballet steps and routines.  You will dance to classical Ballet music. A great class for you whether you were a ballerina or always wanted to learn Ballet.

Seated Chair Exercise Class

An effective and fun while body, head to toe workout class, includes movements designed to increase mobility support, cardio fitness, improve muscular strength and expand flexibility. The best chair exercise for Seniors! Great lively music, do the Macarena, twist and more! Move with balls, therobands, bells and scarves. With regular training these chair exercises can have significant input on your health and happiness!