Make This an Active Holiday Season

During the busy holiday season, there is so much to do and so many places to be – it can really feel like our days are more than a little crazy! However, it’s important to keep our fitness goals on track during this time of year. We can all get lost in the chaos of shopping, attending parties and other fun social events. As hectic as this time of year can be, staying active is still well worth the time and effort. Exercise is about the closest we’ll get to a “miracle drug” when it comes to boosting our mood and energy levels. Making time for exercise will ensure we don’t wear ourselves out amidst the hustle and bustle.

You might feel overwhelmed during this time of year, which means you need to be organized and efficient with your workouts. Setting expectations too high can be challenging and could backfire. You need to be kind and patient with yourself and do your best to fit in a workout without making it overly stressful. Just thirty minutes a day can keep your body feeling good, your mind alert, and ward off some of those unwanted extra holiday pounds from all the sweets. Try and make your exercise routines joyful and festive (maybe try working out to some uplifting holiday music). Doing some form of exercise daily will keep you motivated and on the right path for being healthy and fit as you move into the New Year!

Healthy Active Tips:

  1. Choose exercises and activities that you enjoy most.
  2. Make your workouts convenient and easy to do.
  3. Join a group dance and fitness class at your Retirement community or local community center.
  4. Get a friend or family member to join you for a hike, walk or sightseeing adventure.
  5. Enjoy some quality time with your grandchildren – play catch, ride a bike, take a nature walk, have a dance party, or enjoy a sports activity together.
  6. If you’re traveling and staying with family or at a hotel, find a spot in the house or hotel room where you can work out or try and see if there is a local gym or community center you can visit.
  7. Go on a walk after each meal – try for a morning beach stroll or a hike around the neighborhood or on a nearby trail.

A common pitfall is the belief that health and fitness goals must all or nothing. Do not fall into the trap of believing you have failed if you don’t stick to your game plan perfectly. When this happens, you may end up forgoing your goals altogether and then later regret your decision. A healthier mindset focuses on long term, sustainable health. This doesn’t mean perfection – this means making adjustments as seasons and holidays come upon us.

Take a moment this holiday season to be mindful and reflect on all the accomplishments and tasks that you achieved this year.  It is imperative to make time for self-care and self- love. Pamper yourself, be intensive, joyful and have fun!

Have a healthy and happy holiday season!

This article originally appeared in the Ventura Breeze.

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