Focusing on One Day at a Time is Just Fine!

Living in the moment and taking each day at a time is crucial in order to live a balanced lifestyle. Every day is a new beginning – the minute you wake up and your feet touch the floor it’s the start of something wonderful. Focusing on achieving one goal or task at a time will keep you on track to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself for that day.

You may find that some days you have more energy and motivation than others. Think of your motivation like a light switch. Perhaps your switch is off or set at a low level, but when you begin to get moving, think positively and push yourself to complete a task or exercise, your switch begins to turn on and everything lights up! What you do every day matters, as long as you give your best effort.

Setting up an exercise schedule will help keep you motivated and ensure you meet your goals. Any time of day is great to exercise but first thing in the morning is best because it is a great way to start your day! I suggest combining physical activity with a task that’s already part of your day. Find ways to fit exercise into your daily routine. Find activities you enjoy and that are fun and social. Regular routines and habits are a must so keep track of your daily exercise and progress. Be consistent and you’ll be surprised by how quickly you’ll see improvements! And the benefits are endless – regular exercise supports your cognitive function, physical wellness and frees your mind to be more creative.

Tips to help you stay motivated:

  • Choose a fun activity
  • Find friends and invite them to participate
  • Envision a stronger, healthier you
  • Set attainable goals
  • Create a workout schedule
  • Track your progress
  • Reach out to others for support
  • Plan healthy meals to enhance your physical and mental well-being

When you wake up, start your day with an affirmation that reinforces your motivation and gets you excited about accomplishing your goals. Here’s a great one you can start with: I will do my best and enjoy each and every day.

Check out my dance and fitness videos to get your day’s off to a healthy, active and fun start! 

This article previously appeared in the Ventura Breeze.

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